About us

Hollier Studio is led by Emily Hollier, an Interior Architect with 20 years experience, both locally and internationally.

Emily founded Hollier Studio in Sydney in 2014 with a passion for crafting uniquely personalised and inventive designs to enrich her clients’ everyday lives. Emily has successfully delivered many residential and hospitality project over the years, no project is too big or small!

We are dedicated to designing inviting spaces by focusing on tailored interiors that reflect each client’s unique style. By taking time to understand the client’s vision, we can design a timeless and functional space that complements their lifestyle.

The ethos of Hollier Studio revolves around capturing the essence of clients, delivering bespoke designs that resonate with their preferences, lifestyles, tastes, and financial considerations. Whether creating a forever home, a holiday home, or a commercial project, Hollier Studio approaches each with a fresh and innovative vision.

Emily Hollier Interior Architect Bachelor (Science) Architecture Hons Class I Bachelor Architecture

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