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How to Choose the Right Bathroom Tiles

When renovating a bathroom there are endless tile options to choose from, which can make it quite tricky to make the right decision. Tiles create the base layer of a bathroom and are more often than not the first thing you notice when you step into a bathroom space. We just recently went through the process of picking out bathroom tiles for our client at The Randwick House project and it’s no easy feat! However, being in the industry for 14 years, I have picked up some tips and tricks along the way to help choose the right tiles for each bathroom space. Read on below for five tips to navigate the options and make the right decisions for your home.

1. Decide Your Style

Before you even start to look at bathroom tile options, you’ll want to make sure that the overall look and style of your home has been finalized as this will be a useful guide. This will help to determine how your bathroom style will complement it. For example, The Randwick

House has an overall Hampton’s look so we went with subtle grey and white tiles throughout the bathroom spaces.

2. Consider Your Budget

Before you go shopping for bathroom tiles, you’ll want to take your budget into consideration. This helps to determine which type of tiles you’ll want to look for. If you’re on a renovation budget, stay away from shopping at a stone tile shop and pick a ceramic tile instead. You’ll also want to opt out of floor-to-ceiling tiling throughout the entire bathroom and instead, pick one area such as the floor, shower, or feature wall.

3. Choose a Uniform Tile

Pick out one tile that you will use in each bathroom space. This helps to bind together the overall look and then you can start to build around it. It also helps to create a uniform

scheme throughout the home. For instance, at The Randwick House, we chose one large grey tile that we featured on the wall of the master ensuite, the floor of the main bathroom and shower, and as a feature wall in the downstairs bathroom.

4. Decide your Size

Mosaics, hexagons, herringbone.. it can all be so confusing!! The key is to either match the tile size for a neutral, subtle effect or contrast the tile size to emphasize a feature tile eg. a hexagon.

Don’t get too hung up on getting tile lines to meet, sometimes it will be impossible as each supplier can supply the same “size” but they are 1-2mm different. For example, you can see the various tile sizes used at The Randwick House project both on the floor and the walls.

5. Choose A Stand Out Tile

Since you have already chosen the uniform tile that you will be using throughout the home, pick out one tile that you love as a feature. For The Randwick House project I loved the wall tile in the upstairs bathroom and choose to feature it across the entire wall space in this bathroom. It pairs nicely with the floor tile because still brings in a wow factor! I also chose pencil tiles for the downstairs bathroom as the stand out tile as it brings a beautiful texture and shape to this space.

Below you can see all of the tile options we have chosen in our past projects

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