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How to Present Interior Design Concepts to a Client

There is a hidden art to presenting your interior design concepts to a client. You want to create a beautiful lay out of materials in order for the client to understand your ideas and where you’re heading. I have been presenting to interior design clients for the past 14 years and developed my own unique way in which to do it. I have learned that the way you package your materials together and the way in which you lay out the materials for the presentation really do matter.

Focus on Packaging Materials Together

It’s important to package up your materials nicely so that you can easily transport them to

your presentation. I like to use a large box so that everything fits together as one and I can pull everything out once I meet with my clients. This way of packaging materials is much better than using cardboard to stick finishes on as its not permanent. You can swap and change out finishes as needed. This also enables me to leave the box with the clients for them to continue to play around with the palette and make decisions on finishes in the coming weeks.

Lay Flat presented by Emily

Create a Flat Lay

When I arrive to a client presentation, I like to pull out each finish one at a time so that the client can see and feel them. This helps the client feel like they have more involvement in the final decision and helps me to organise the finishes and gives the client an opportunity to see each finish as its presented. It also allows them to touch and play with the finishes.

Laying out your materials in the proper way for a client meeting is crucial so that they get a better idea of the whole vision for the project – how the colours, textures, materials all look together as a scheme.

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