Fully renovated kitchen at Clovelly House

Interior Design Project – The Clovelly House: Old Meets New

This project was for alterations and additions to a family coastal home in Clovelly. We wanted to keep the character of the home with its charming cottage feel and also add a contemporary, modern extension to the back. It was quite run down when we began so we took off the rear of the house and designed it into concrete and steel portal frames to maximize the light into this south facing home. This project was all about keeping the old lovely features while also bringing in new modern designs throughout the space. Read on below to find out more about our design process for The Clovelly House…


Front Exterior

There was a tiny garage at the front of the home that did not provide enough room to park a car so the main brief was to fit a modern car in front to create a more practical area while also retaining the architecture. We used a light bright palette for this coastal home to produce a warm, inviting feel to the space. The timber and greenery added warmth to the white palette. We also introduced the use of cobblestone as reference to era of the house.

Before and After photos of the Clovelly House project



The entrance/hallway space was the original spine of the house to all the bedrooms. It already had beautiful bones so we retained the gorgeous high arch at the front. We wanted to keep the lovely original ceiling but put in more practical floorboard for this family. We also added circular lights to the ceiling as a reference to the arches down the hallway.

Clovelly House before and after hallway



This section of the original home was built out of light-weight weatherboard with a timber floor. We wanted it to be more solid and grounded so we knocked off the entire back section of the home and built a concrete slab with surrounding brick walls. This helps with environmental and thermal mass/insulation. We introduced high windows to maintain privacy from the next door neighbours.


Back Exterior

Again, the whole rear of the house was knocked off. The back stairs weren’t connected to the external space so we wanted to change the levels. We added another meter to the ceiling by creating a consistent level from the front to the back of the house. The house looks quite small from the front; however, it is a considerably big house because of the big open space at the exterior. We also got rid of the overgrown landscape and replaced it with more family friendly options such as grass and a pool. All of the fences were also replaced.


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